Our Story

PSP UK Group is an established yet vibrant group of businesses focused on saving our clients costs, ensuring compliance and driving sales into their business using our expertise across a broad range of sectors. These solutions often include software developments using our fully skilled people.

Our clients, which are across many sectors and countries, have been delighted with our ability to respond quickly and efficiently. We provide services and software solutions for over 100,000 cloud based websites and tools.

Our team now has an average of more than 20 years experience at both strategic and operational levels. This has enabled us to further the development of PSP’s business to its current position as an innovative and significant presence in the market place.


If you want to achieve up to 50% savings in time and costs, then your organisation should be looking at putting your appraisals online. Organisations such as Post Office Financial Services have achieved this and also incorporated a real time performance management tool to ensure their staff have current, realistic objectives.

MyPlan is a fully configurable, fully hosted, real time, individual owned portfolio which captures the owner’s performance and personal development over a full year.

eCommunity websites are for companies or groups of people who wish to have a closed area where they can access news, training, business tools and special offers – in fact anything which helps them promote and grow their business.

PSP Group can help you bring all the different aspects of your community into one place for easy access by your members.

All the features on our website can be provided as "modules" into a community website – to be switched in and out as required.

We have developed a number of really useful business tools which your members can use on a daily basis. Please see below some samples:

The 1-2-1 is an excellent business tool for those prospects or customers you cannot meet face-to-face:

  • Arrange a time to talk.
  • Send them a link and a password.
  • Control the screens they see while you are talking to them.
  • Adapt your presentation to your prospect as you talk.

You can create a number of presentations from prospecting and retail presentations to induction and training courses.....the choice is yours!

Many industries have rules or laws they have to abide by – websites like this allow you to be confident that your members are keeping to the rules without having to "police" each individual member to ensure they are compliant.

What should I do next?

Arrange for us to come and talk to you.

These are often quite large websites which require us to work closely together as partners to provide a website which suits yours and your members needs.

Every site is different and we are prepared to look at different business models to suit all circumstances.

Learning Management System

Simplicity is the key to our Learning Management System.

Learners can easily launch eLearning courses and check their progress anytime of the day. With the PSP Learning Management System you can also learn online when linked to the Internet and off-line. Progress and tracking is then uploaded when next online - a Learning Management System that is truly any time, any place, any where.

Managers can track and report progress as well as scores - crucial if you need to know staff have completed compliance and other business critical training.


The PSP eportfolio can save you and your team hours and hours of time whilst at the same time logging all decisions in respect to qualifications.

The processes and procedures required to operate qualifications means that every decision made in terms of learner tasks needs to be assessed and results recorded. Using traditional approaches such as sending through the post takes days. Using email is quicker but decisions are not stored in a central place. The PSP eportfolio allows learners to upload assignments and other evidence for Assessors to check instantly. It is also logs progress to achieving a qualification and to do lists so there is a clear road map for what the learners and assessors need to do for each qualification loaded.


eLearning or online Training allows organisations to deliver knowledge and skills at anytime. In support of other programmes such as face-to-face workshops eLearning is an exceptional method to deliver core training.

PSP provides a range of Off-The-Shelf eLearning programmes as well as building courses for organisations. Using a range of methods such as scenario based approaches as well as eLearning Games, PSP can deliver eLearning that is interactive, engaging and effective.

To receive details of our 1500 Off-The-Shelf elearning courses covering IT, Managment, Leadership, Health and Safety and Personal Development, please email info@psp-group.co.uk. We are happy to set-up previews of our courses - please call us on 01491 833203.

eDigital Marketing Software

PSP is helping its customer double their lead rates and turnovers with the new digital marketing software 4sight.

4sight transforms campaigns and integrates with websites and CRM systems to ensure the maximum response is achieved.

To find out more about this ground breaking digital marketing software, and to see some of the results from our clients, please contact us.

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